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Welcome to Petrklíč

What is Petrklíč and what do we have to offer?

In 2007/08 the Petrklíč Private Nursery was opened as a legal school entity. It is the continuation of a similar unit the 'Centre for family and children Petrklíč'. It was founded by the civic association Petrklíč (key to the soul)

The Main building is located in the centre of Radotín. Children can use their own gym, pottery workshop, wood work workshop and art workshop.

The children can even use outdoor areas such sports court, sand pit, playground and summer swimming pool. Since 2011, when we opened new spaces near to Kindergarten (next to the culture center ‘U Koruny’ in Radotín), children are going regularly to spacious garden and they learn from untouched nature.

Overall 75 children regularly attend Petrklíč, including disabled children. They are separated into three classes. Teaching is up to 2 teachers and 1 assistant teacher, eventually 1 integration assistant. Otherwise we co-operate with Dům dětí a mládeže pro Prahu 5 "Centrum pro předškolní děti Broučci", which is located in brand new spaces with massive garden. It is a single class which consists of 15 children, which is determined for children of different pre-school ages(since 3 years old)