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The Mission, Vision and Strategy of Petrklíč

In most preschools, their main target is to offer various quality education and free time activities.  In this case, Petrklíč is no different….what extra we try to give to children and entire families?!  

Our main thought is to explore, solve or to be part of solution of the troubles that children face. We offer and provide appropriate measures. Education of children goes hand in hand with functional family.   

We are aware that children in preschool age are going through one of the most sensitive periods of their life. This period is about creating personality, socialization of children into group of children of the same age. A period, when the children start to become independent from their parents  meet new adults. Period when their own identity starts to form, which is very important for health self-confidence of the children.            

In Petrklíč, we want to guide the children to gain their adequate physical, mental and social independence of their personal assumption and possibilities. And also basic competence important for their next healthy development  

  • Teaching by play and experience 
  • Development of physical skills 

  • Development of language skills 

  • Individual teaching plan, if it is necessary 

  • Active participation of parents and grandparents as partners

  • Integration of disabled children

In order for this to work it is necessary to have a team of quality people- not just the teachers, but also parents and other responsible people.