Kalendář akcí

The history of Petrklíč

Since September of 2002 we have offered different types of activities for mothers on Maternity leave such as babysitting,  expert advice for parents with children of a younger age, weekend activities and field trips for all the family. 

We signed up to the program “Začít spolu”, which even now still cooperates with the primary school in Radotín.  
Even today, we are still a part of that program, as its philosophy is dear  to us. We do not want the children to see us only as figures of authority. We interact with the children in friendly way and any troubles are solved diplomatically. All days activities are balanced and we mainly teach children by experience.

Through 2003 to 2004 we  systematically rebuilt rooms of an ex-nursery house, to better provide for children and mothers. From one class of family type (3-7 years) and from rooms for mothers centre, where mothers were coming with small children on regular activity, we expanded our facilities on two and later three classes , separate by their age….this was the start of  elaborate preparation for children of preschool age.

In 2005 it could be said that Petrklíč became that what it is today- a place for parents on parental leave, first group is with youngest children and it is small group of (max.15 children), second group of children between ages 4 and 5 and third and final group children of preschool age, so group that is preparing for school. The year 2005 was an important year, thanks to project of integration ‘’Friends of Petrklíč”. That time we integrated our first child with multiple handicaps. Since then we have integrated thirteen handicapped children.

In September 2006 we opened Eco-Centre for children and family Petrklíč, in space of farm “u Vacků in Dolní Černošice-Lipence”. Beautiful place in the middle of fields not far away of the river Berounka, where children were being taught with the circle of nature to prepare for school. Since 2009 this arrangement continues as an independent property. .   

In the Autumn of 2007 another of our dreams was fulfilled, Petrklič formed a theatre group called Gaudium. Today they continue to put on dozens of plays to the satisfaction of hundreds of viewers not only from Radotin but from all of the different cities. More information on www.gaudium.cz. 

In September of 2007 we switched the Preschool Centre for children and family into the classic school, so it began to be a Private Kindergarten Petrklíč. Schools motto: „Petrklíč – k duši klíč. Budeme si spolu hrát, zlatou bránu otvírat. Jakým klíčem? Petrklíčem“ (Primerose- a key to the soul. Let us play together, open the gold gate. With which key?! The Primrose key)

Following years 2008, 2009 we tried to improve the quality of our activities(for example international project  Inclusion-Integration, combining with Radotin primary school). In year 2009 Theatre group Gaudium and Eco-centre Lipence chose to be separated. That allowed us to cut down our list of activities and we started to focus more on quality in Private kindergarten Petrklíč in Radotín. 

The new cooperation with “Dům dětí a mládeže in Prague 5” (DDM-association for children's free time activities), when we also rent the amazing area next to the Culture centre U Koruny in Radotín. This happened  in year 2010. For a long time we searched for a way how to offer cheap, but quality education for children of preschool age. Thanks to helpful people in DDM Prague 5, we managed to realized that. Centre for preschool children “Broučci”, which they have a base in the new surroundings(“House and garden By Petrklíč”), up to 15 children, 3 years old and older attendant, which is maximum capacity for individual admittance. “Broučci” have an opportunity to use calm and spacious garden, where they spend most of their time even in bad weather, because they have a big Teepee on the garden. This year was the second year that we offered the children regular musical therapy, breathing exercises , english lessons and environmental education. We also offered sport and creative workshops, under the watchful eye of experts from Petrklíč. Children also had a chance to take a part in theatres and interesting lectures in project Guest to Petrklíč.

Project Baby bio  Radotín became very popular. In cooperation with Prague 16, in the year 2011, we set up a new morning screening  in local cinema Radotín, for Mothers on maternity. Special screening with lower volume and partial lighting. There is a playroom for children, supervised by assistants from MŠ Petrklíč.

During the year 2012 we celebrated the opening of a garden for families of the children from Petrklíč. Parents could enjoy baking of Indian bread, spring weaving wreaths, witch sabbath, children's day full of competitions. Until now the children used the garden for regular(with school) or irregular activities with their parents. Our goal was to prepare a base of “Garden class”- the class, where children could be all day, all year outside in the garden.    

Since the Spring of 2013 we greeted parents with our plans for a “Garden class”....We scouted the parents, who wouldn’t be afraid to go into this pilot program with us…. teamwork was an important thing for the realization of this class….we succeeded  and from September 2013 the class Broučci started to work. In that time those still improving spaces were used even by children from Petrklíč.

In the year 2014 we managed to finish spaces in the Garden, after several years started great community of parents. Maybe we have come full circle and we are back in the place where Petrklíč was created, 12 years ago- wonderful moms, amazing dads, comfortable and happy children….
We hope, that we will continue in expanding of our visions and dreams for benefit of us all.
We are looking forward for you and your children