Kalendář akcí

Our values

Who provides education to our children? In Petrklič, we invest in quality teachers. We co-operate with specialists who can respect the unique needs of different types of personalities of children, in everyday work with them. We are aware that by developing a positive relationship between children and their teachers, the new authority in their life, we make their entry to school system and the society easier. Our objective is developing children's self-respect and building emotionally stable personalities. In Petrklíč are talented beginners (recently educated teachers) to Professionals with many years of experience of working in kindergartens. All of the teachers get involved every year to the special lectures of child psychologist PhDr. Vlasta Redková from Prague pedagogy-psychology advice, which cooperate with Petrklíč

  • FAMILY is for a child the safest place. The participation of family in a kindergarten is very important, because it is only when we feel safe and secure, that we can fully concentrate and develop, this is true of both adults and children. It is not only the child that attends Petrklíč but the parents as well. We want to show that safety does not end outside the doors of your home, but that it can be found in surrounding of friendly authorities. We are trying to create a wide array of activities, which appeal to even the  most seasoned/eldest members of our family, our grandparents.

  • Versatile approach to teaching. Young children will look for that which interests them and will form their own opinions of the world in the process, that’s why we have chosen to create our special education program, which fulfills the basic needs of all children of/at a certain age, which makes their next step into the education system easier. Petrklíč is offering a wide range of extracurricular activities. Parts of the program for all of the children are musical therapy sessions, recorder lessons, environmental education, arts and crafts, pottery, english lessons, sports (including golf courses). All under the specialists’ supervision.

  • INTEGRATION. By integrating children with health disability we strengthen their self-esteem, their ambition and their social adaptive abilities. We also help to make real view about people with health disabilities, which their classmates will have even when they grow up. We have not forgotten about parents of integrated children, which we provide a professional support and we also help clear away their social isolation, physical and mental load.     

It is beautiful to be there and see the natural connection between different generations and different worlds!