Kalendář akcí

For Children

On this page you’ll find information about the various activities we provide for children

Petrklíč offers to children in year 2014/2015 
  • Extra-curricular activities - for all of the children not just from Petrklíč, we prepare various offer of free time activities.
  • Activity Calendar - Here you find complete list of all planned activities of Petrklíč, which are not regular, (like theatre, trip, family weekend, lecture for parents etc.).
  • English - here you can see how children from school use english in the morning and afternoon activities.
  • Music - Music Therapy and fluet like the part of education
  • Sport - activities with children, either as a part of the education or even beyond tuition (Volunteers activities for children from Kindergarten).
  • Environmental Education - what children in Petrklíč learn about nature.
  • Workshops - Pottery and workshops, which they are a part of program in the classes
  • Advice and Childcare - Additional service for children (logopedie, child psychology, educational consulting, physiotherapy etc.)